Dr. Cassidy Stanzl

Dr. Stranzl grew up in the Bronx, NY. She inherited her love for animals from her father, and this love grew with every pocket pet he brought home for her. Her desire to one day become a veterinarian began when she was a little girl, but solidified when she received her very own puppy to love and care for, a tiny Yorkie named Schatze (“sweetheart”). At 14 years old, she began working her first job at an animal clinic in the Bronx. She received her bachelor’s degree in Biology at Manhattan College, and during this time volunteered at many other veterinary clinics, zoos, and aquariums. She then headed to Massachusetts to receive her Veterinary Degree from Tufts University. While not at work, Dr. Cassie loves being outdoors, gardening, baking, and spending time with her family.