It is important for any avid dog lover to know that vaccinations are extremely important for your four-legged buddy. There are very common diseases that can affect your dogs, especially when they are young puppies.

In fact, vaccinations are the only practical way to safeguard your dog against certain viral diseases which could be fatal and contagious. Viral diseases have no cure and their treatments can burn a big hole in your pockets so why take the risk and let your dog be exposed to such potentially life-threatening situations by avoiding vaccinations?

Here’s a look at three common viral diseases that dogs are easily susceptible to and the reasons behind getting vaccinations to combat them.

Kennel Cough

Dogs can contract this virus when too many of them are to close together, which can produce stress due to overcrowding. The potent virus is the result of a mix of mutated microorganisms from human influenza, infection, and bacteria called Bordetella. Pet owners can spot typical symptoms such as persistent, irritable, and dry coughs from the affected dog. Though not fatal by itself, it can develop into more serious conditions such as pneumonia.

Reasons to vaccinate
  • Many vets and pet owners attest to the effectiveness of the vaccination.
  • It is an ideal method to protect their dogs when owners need to send them to daycare centers as well as boarding kennels for dogs.

Canine Parvovirus

This virus is mostly fatal among puppies which are less than 8 weeks old. However, it is rare that a mature dog dies from this virus. Mature dogs usually experience some form of inflammation in their small intestines as well as experience diarrhea. Unfortunately, young puppies are not able to handle this virus well and they may experience chronic cardiac issues, and in some cases, heart failure.

Reasons to vaccinate
  • The associated vaccine works best when the puppies are between the ages of 12 to 16 weeks. As a result, owners can cut the risks of their puppies contracting the virus during later years.

Canine Distemper

This virus causes massive harm to all aspects of a dog’s health and well-being, which eventually strikes its central nervous system. Once at the point of no return, it may cause paralysis, seizures, and spasms to the affected dog. The distemper virus is also considered as a seed for more serious diseases as it lowers the overall immunity levels of the affected animal.

Reasons to vaccinate
  • The disease has a high mortality rate and fatalities are common when there is a lack of access to vets.
  • Vaccinations can save a puppy’s life in a matter of hours and the vaccine protects them throughout their lifetime.

Pet owners, it’s recommended to consult an experienced veterinarian for more information. The vet will find what kind of medical risks your pet is subject to, and from there pick the best countermeasures. Remember, the journey of owning a dog is not worry-free and it’s devastating if a medical emergency occurs because of negligence in keeping your dog up to date with its vaccinations. Do the right thing today and get your dog vaccinated!