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Canine Influenza in the Surrounding States

Canine Influenza, H3N2, has been reported in Georgia, Florida and Tennessee. If you will be traveling to these areas, please check your dogs records to make sure they've been properly vaccinated and boosted. If you have traveled in these areas or think your dog may have been exposed to Canine Influenza, please contact our office. The symptoms of H3N2 may be: coughing, sneezing, fever, clear nasal discharge that progresses to yellowish-green mucus, rapid breathing, loss of appetite and lethargy are all possible symptoms.


Canine Noise Aversion

Is your dog afraid of thunder and fireworks? He/she may be suffering from noise aversion.

To a dog who struggles with fear and anxiety during loud noise events, Summertime can produce some of the loudest and most terrifying thunderstorms storms. And, Fourth of July can be the scariest day of the year for your dog. We now have a way to help your dog remain calm during these noisy events.

We’re now prescribing the first and only FDA-approved treatment for canine noise aversion caused by events such as fireworks, thunder, construction and traffic noise. It calms without sedating—so your dog can interact and enjoy time with your family.

Give us a call at 914-421-0020 to discuss treating your dog’s noise aversion.

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